Non-Development Proposals

Examples of non-development proposals are:

  • You are starting a new business in an existing property

  • You are looking to change something about your existing business (e.g. business hours, occupancy)


Please submit the Non-Development Request Proposal form to 4 weeks before you would like to present (submitting your request on time is not a guarantee that we can fit you into the schedule, but we will try to get you in ASAP).

Non-Development proposals can usually be presented and voted on in one meeting, but we may ask you back for additional presentations if the community needs more information in order to make an informed vote.

Other Presentations

If you are a part of the East Boston community, a local business, an elected official, or a community group looking to tell us about what you’re doing, please email us at You don’t need to fill out any forms, but we’ll reach out to fit you on the schedule!

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