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When will I know if I’m on next month’s agenda?

The board meets on the second Wednesday of each month to set the agenda for the month’s meeting. If we do not have your project information form and presentation by that time, we cannot put you on the agenda. We will do our best to notify you directly about whether you are on next month’s agenda, but the best place to check is on our Facebook page.

Can I request a specific time slot to present?

We cannot guarantee you a specific time slot. In general, we do our best to accommodate requests to put your project at the beginning or the end of the agenda, but we sometimes get conflicting requests. We cannot hold a meeting up if you are not there to present when your project comes up. If this happens, we will push you to the end of the meeting; if you are still not there when all other agenda items have been reviewed, we will adjourn the meeting and request that you return the following month.

Should I submit a development proposal or a non-development proposal?

In general, if your project involves changes to the footprint, height, or use of your building (e.g. constructing a new building, converting space from residential to commercial, adding a roof deck, or changing the number of units in an existing building), you should submit a development proposal. More modest changes such as a change in business hours or bringing a new business into an existing commercial space can be covered under a non-development proposal. If you still aren’t sure, please email

How does voting work?

We do things a little differently than most neighborhood associations. We know it can be confusing, but we do this to give residents as much power as possible in the voting process. 


To encourage ongoing participation, members are eligible to vote if they live within our borders AND attend 2 out of the last 3 meetings preceding a vote. For example, if we are voting in April, you must have attended 2 out of the 3 meetings in January through March. Our board votes on every proposal (subject to the same attendance requirements as other members). 


If there are less than 5 other voting community members present, we hold one combined vote between the board and community. Majority rules. If 5 or more voting community members are present, we hold two votes, one for the board and one for the community. If either vote does not pass with a majority, the neighborhood association rejects the proposal.  This ensures that the board cannot override community objections, but also prevents developers from packing our meetings with supporters of a project that is bad for the neighborhood.

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